I hesitated to write this note...but The idea behind this blog is to share being objective my experience!!!
Christian Constant seems to be really a nice guy, and I know that he's really a great chef.
But I tried one of his restaurants les Cocottes and I was so disappointed... Not only disappointed but also upset...
The idea, the concept are really nice, a venture with the brand Staub, everything comes in a cocotte.
But the food is so crap, ok it is not expensive but it is not a reason.
I prefer to pay a bit more and to be satisfied.
And also i'm deeply convinced that even not expensive if passionate we can make good stuff
I ordered the Caesar salad... The waiter bring it in less than a minute... What already can tells you that it's all prepared in advance what I really hate.
Even Mac Donalds nowadays try not to stock sandwiches and make them to order.
The salad was so cold that My teeth were suffering
Then I asked for the lamb, it comes with a polenta, i asked if it's possible to change de polenta for the gratin dauphinois, of course No... Everything is already prepared. And for this dish i'm with no pity as it costs 29 euros
The lamb was from a so so poor quality and worse... So chewy and fat i was not able to say which part of the lamb it is ( but for sure not the nice part as the shoulder, cutlets, leg...) the juice was with no taste, the polenta no interest!!!
For same price I prefer by far a club at Costes, the lamb at orient extreme and so many things in so many nice places.
I was having huge hopes on desserts to raise a bit the level. I went for the chocolate pie by Christian Constant.... And... No comments...

Les Cocottes

135, rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris